The Importance Of Wearing Retainers After Orthodontic Treatment For Patients Near Brentford

Teeth straightening treatment is a gentle process strategically using orthodontic pressure to reposition teeth that have shifted out of their proper position. Modern braces systems are designed to straighten mild to severe orthodontic conditions within the shortest possible time.

Teeth that are crooked and skew, protruding or inverted, overcrowded or with gaps may be straightened for a more beautiful smile. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Brentford we offer a range of effective teeth straightening solutions that are discrete, comfortable and hygienic.

We fully explain the teeth straightening treatment process and how specific braces systems work to align teeth back into their normal space. After initial teeth straightening treatment, the newly repositioned teeth are vulnerable to moving back out of their proper position. Retainers are the solution to maintaining newly aligned teeth in their rightful place.

Function of retainers in teeth straightening

Nowadays teeth may be realigned within three to eighteen months. Once achieved, a retainer is worn as prescribed by the orthodontist to prevent the newly aligned teeth from shifting into incorrect position or reverting to misalignment. Retainers may be worn for approximately 22 hours per day.

The retainer is necessary for malocclusion prevention and to ensure that initial teeth straightening treatment is not wasted. In very mild cases of dental misalignment, retainers may be worn as a teeth straightening solution, but generally retainers are used after treatment with a fixed or removable braces system.

Retainers of choice

Retainers are made bespoke to meet individual orthodontic needs. Removable or fixed, fitted to the lower or upper dentition, made of plastic or a blend of metal and plastic; retainers function to retain teeth in their proper position. Essix retainers are quite popular, however there are other choices in retainers. Contact us to find out more about types of retainers and how they work.



The Benefits Of Removable Braces For Patients Near Ealing

In selecting an orthodontic braces system to straighten teeth, many individuals prefer their braces to be removable. Although modern removable braces are designed to mainly treat mild orthodontic conditions such as dental overcrowding, irregularly spaced teeth, skew and protruding teeth; removable braces may also be used to maintain teeth in their correct position after treatment with a fixed braces system.

Bespoke choices in removable braces systems

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing we provide individuals with bespoke choices in removable braces systems. The benefits of removable braces are great:

  • Conveniently removed for daily activities, such as dental hygiene, eating, sports or playing musical instruments
  • Easily reinserted for the recommended approximate 22 hours of wear per day
  • Finely designed for greater comfort
  • Aesthetically-pleasing materials designed to be tooth coloured or clear for greater discretion
  • Effective teeth straightening in a matter of weeks
  • Affordable through flexible payment plan

To meet the needs of diverse individuals we offer options in removable braces systems that include Inman Aligner, Invisalign, Invisalign Teen and Simpli5. Young to senior people may be treated with a custom-made removable braces system such as one of these.

Inman Aligner – used to correct upper and lower front teeth misalignment, Inman Aligner braces may provide teeth straightening results within 12 weeks. With spring action to gently repositioning teeth, Inman Aligner shifts and retains teeth in their new position.

Invisalign – straightens teeth through a set of fine, clear plastic aligners that are replaced every two weeks. Through staged repositioning, Invisalign is worn like a mouth guard fitting snugly over the upper arch of teeth. Teeth are realigned between three and eighteen months, giving a beautiful smile with greater confidence. Adolescents have the option of Invisalign Teen while adults may opt for Invisalign Standard or Invisalign Lite.

The Benefits Of Lingual Braces For Patients Near Chiswick

Orthodontic conditions such as misaligned teeth and bite disorders are quite common, resulting from genetic make-up, dental development or oral trauma. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Chiswick we aim to provide individuals with choices in braces systems to best treat their specific orthodontic condition.

In offering choice in braces systems we invest in the best expertise and latest orthodontic technologies so that individuals have modern options in teeth straightening treatment. In selecting a lingual braces system, we consider design, comfort, hygiene and discretion when recommending an effective teeth repositioning solution.

Advantages of Incognito Lingual Braces

Incognito lingual braces are such as choice in lingual braces systems that are innovatively designed to provide a range of benefits during treatment:

  • Corrects mild to severe teeth misalignment
  • Truly invisible behind the teeth
  • Self-ligating for better oral movement
  • Hygienic in design
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Effective teeth straightening

Lingual braces, such as Incognito, are the true invisible braces choice. Located behind the teeth, Incognito lingual braces are totally invisible to others. Where many modern braces systems may only treat mild orthodontic conditions, Incognito lingual braces corrects the full spectrum from mild to severe orthodontic disorders.

Teeth that are skew, irregularly spaced, protruding, over-crowded, crooked or inverted may be treated with Incognito. These lingual braces correct bite dysfunction to prevent development of jaw disorders.

Equipped with a self-ligating system, Incognito lingual braces are hygienic and allow for comfortable oral movements. Individuals wearing Incognito feel greater confidence because their braces are easy to clean and do not detract from daily activities.

Custom-made especially for you, Incognito lingual braces may be fitted within two to three appointments and are easy to adjust to. To find out more about the benefits of lingual braces such as Incognito, get in touch with us today.



The Benefits Of Cosmetic Dentures For Patients Near Acton

For varied reasons, any of us at any time may lose teeth. Oral trauma, gum disease and age may contribute to tooth loss. Missing tooth gaps may affect how our teeth bite together, our ability to chew food normally, the way we pronounce words, our facial structure and smile.

Oral health is at risk if missing teeth are not replaced by artificial dental prosthesis. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Acton we have both oral function and aesthetics at the heart of our solutions for replacing missing teeth. We therefore provide individuals with the option of modern dentures.

Valplast modern cosmetic dentures

Valplast cosmetic dentures are designed to mimic healthy teeth. They are made of flexible plastic and resin, suctioning to the palate and gums for stability during oral functions. To the eye, Valplast cosmetic dentures resemble pink gums and white teeth. No metal is present in these dentures that are hard to distinguish from natural teeth.

Partial or complete, Valplast cosmetic dentures may be combined with existing teeth and dental restorations such as porcelain crowns. Valplast dentures are comfortable to wear, are elegantly designed to be aesthetically-pleasing, yet are strong and are made to fit perfectly in the mouth.

Valplast dentures are custom-made for suitability and durability. Properly maintained, Valplast dentures are long lasting. Increasingly, Valplast cosmetic dentures are chosen because they mimic normal teeth, are easy to wear, may be removed for cleaning and during sleep, improve eating and speaking ability, and enhance appearance.

To sum up, the benefits of Valplast are that they:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Feel comfortable to wear
  • Suction to the gums and palate for stability
  • Look just like natural teeth
  • Improve oral functions including eating and speaking
  • Enhance facial appearance and smile

Get in touch today to find out more about our Valplast cosmetic dentures solution.

The Popularity Of Tooth Coloured Braces For Patients Near Kew

In our modern times, individuals are more self-conscious about their appearance. They strive to look natural, healthy and fresh. Perhaps reality TV shows and celebrity status is a motivator, encouraging individuals to be more star-like in look.

Programs such as Extreme Makeover raised the profile of invisible braces that allow individuals to receive teeth straightening treatment without it being obvious to others. As dentistry expertise, techniques and materials have improved, so have choices in tooth coloured braces.

Contrasted to traditional metal braces and the stigma arising from their wear, individuals have raised demand for braces that are clear or mimic the colours of natural dentition. The aesthetic and hygiene failings of traditional metal braces have driven innovation of improved modern braces systems.

The ceramic braces option

Dentists have responded to this demand by listening to the needs of individuals and by designing revolutionary orthodontic braces systems for straightening teeth. Some invisible braces are made of clear plastic while others are made of tooth coloured ceramics.

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew we offer individuals a wide range of modern invisible braces systems. As part of this range, we provide ceramic braces that are made of ceramic porcelain and are tooth coloured for straightening mild to severe orthodontic conditions.

Teeth that are crooked, skew, protruding, overcrowded or irregularly spaced may be straightened with a ceramic braces system. The tooth coloured ceramic brackets and arch wire are custom-made for an ideal dental fit that is comfortable and gentle during alignment progress.

Ceramic braces blend with tooth whiteness so that it is hard to notice the difference. The brackets are of small and elegant design, bonded to the front tooth surface and linked with a tooth coloured arch wire to produce effective teeth straightening results within 17 weeks. Get in touch with us today to find out more about ceramic braces.





Permanent Teeth In Just One Day For Patients Near Kew

Those who have lost teeth on an upper, lower or both dental arches seek solutions to replace missing teeth. Teeth may be lost due to dental trauma, gum disease or ageing. Although dentures are a good option to replace missing teeth, they sometimes become loose as gum definition changes over time.

All- on- 4 immediate teeth

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Kew we offer the All-on-4 dental implant solution so that individuals may receive replacement teeth within the same day. All-on-4 dental implants may be used to securely anchor dentures so that they are just like permanent teeth.

Only 4 dental implants inserted at an optimum angle may be used to replace a complete arch of teeth. All-on-4 may be implanted within one sitting and anchor dentures so that adhesives are no longer required.

Benefits of the All-on-4 dental implant system

The All-on-4 dental implant solutions is favoured globally for providing immediate teeth and giving the wearer greater control over oral functions. Generally, bone grafts are not required as All-on-4 dental implants are innovatively inserted, providing greater retention and stability.

Loose dentures affect chewing ability and may limit food choices and nutritional intake. Individuals with ill-fitting dentures may experience difficulty when speaking or gag reflex. All these problems can affect self-esteem and are easily solved with the All-on-4 dental implant system. Added advantages are that fewer dental appointments are necessary and recovery tie is reduced.

The All-on-4 experience is life changing as it gives immediate permanent teeth that enhance appearance, allow for normal oral functions such as eating and speaking, and boosts confidence. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how All-on-4 may improve your enjoyment of life.

Introducing Our Fresh Breath Clinic For Patients Near Brentford

To support individuals with oral hygiene maintenance, we run a Fresh Breath Clinic at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Brentford. Although you may be thoroughly cleaning your teeth, you may be unaware of developing oral conditions.

As part of our Fresh Breath Clinic, we offer a range of screening and treatments to improve oral health. We aim to provide early intervention treatment in prevention of oral diseases.

Screening at our Fresh Breath Clinic

During oral hygiene assessment at the Fresh Breath Clinic, we screen for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. We also encourage individuals to discuss any oral health concerns they may have. Symptoms of tooth decay include presence of plaque and tartar, tooth cavities and dental infection. Teeth may appear yellow or brown in colour. Bleeding, red and swollen gums including bad breath are signs of gum disease.

Dental treatments at our Fresh Breath Clinic

At our Fresh Breath Clinic we provide choices in dental treatment programmes that include hygiene therapy, periodontal therapy and air abrasion dental stain removal.

Hygiene therapy is about helping you maintain good oral hygiene standards. Many of us need help with professional teeth cleaning by a dental hygienist because of plaque growth in hard-to-reach tooth grooves, suffer from bad breath, wear dentures, or are correcting teeth misalignment with a braces system. Smokers may require additional support to prevent development of gum disease and smoker’s breath.

Periodontal therapy aims to prevent periodontitis and help those suffering from periodontal disease to maintain their oral health. Periodontal disease starts as gingivitis or gum inflammation. If not treated, the gum inflammation may develop into periodontitis leading to loss of the periodontal ligament and teeth.

Air abrasion dental stain removal uses compressed air with aluminium oxide powder to remove tooth stains caused by foods, beverages, and smoking. Teeth feel much cleaner and smoother, and the mouth more fresh.


Get A Sparkling Smile For Summer With Our Teeth Whitening Treatments For Patients Near Ealing

You may have embarked on a fitness regime, weight loss, some tanning or another form of self-development to be healthy and ready for summer. Yellowed or dull teeth may detract from your otherwise revitalised glow.

If you are wondering what to do about your discoloured teeth, at Sparkle Dental Boutique near Ealing we have the perfect teeth whitening solution for you to brighten your smile.

The need for teeth whitening treatments

A range of factors may cause teeth to look yellowy, dull, brown or even purple. Teeth may become stained and appear yellowish from drinking tea, coffee, red wine or smoking. These discoloured teeth are easily whitened with safe teeth whitening treatment. Teeth browned from tooth decay may need preventative dental treatment, including teeth scaling and polishing. Once treated, these teeth may be whitened with teeth whitening treatments too.

Cases where teeth are purple due to genetic dental development or death of a tooth nerve may not be suitable for teeth whitening. In such situations, masking the dental discolouration with dental veneers may be a better option. Dental veneers may be of white composite or porcelain.

Teeth whitening treatment

We provide in-house whitening, dentist-supervised home teeth whitening and a combination of in-house and home teeth whitening treatment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the teeth whitening treatment right for you and how teeth whitening may enhance your smile.

Our boutique teeth whitening Crystal suite is cosy and relaxing. We offer a choice of music and involve you in teeth whitening choices. In-house whitening Involves light activation techniques and gives immediate teeth whitening results up to 10 shades whiter. At home teeth may be whitened over a period of two weeks using customised teeth whitening shades.


Emergency Dental Treatment For Patients Near Hounslow

Dental trauma often takes us by surprise. We may damage a tooth or part of our mouth, requiring urgent dental treatment. Children are prone to oral trauma as they develop balance. Young people may play contact sports and experience a knocked out tooth or an injury to the gums and lip.

Receiving urgent dental treatment

At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hounslow we are well aware that these types of accidents may happen out of hours too. We therefore provide 24 hour emergency dental treatment to prevent further oral trauma from developing. It is important to phone our emergency dental treatment contact number immediately for an emergency appointment.

We have dental experts on hand who are qualified and experienced to the highest standard in general and cosmetic dentistry. At the appointment, a dental examination will be conducted to determine the extent of oral trauma. Any part of the mouth may be damaged, such as teeth, palate, gums, tongue, cheeks and lips. We may use diagnostic technology during the examination to determine the right treatment options

Types of dental trauma requiring emergency treatment

Dental or oral trauma may take on various forms that include:

  • Complete or partial dental avulsion (knocked out tooth)
  • Tooth infection or dental abscess
  • Bleeding gums
  • Broken orthodontic device, such as braces
  • Damaged dentures
  • Dental crown fallen out

Dental emergencies such as these do require urgent treatment to prevent further damage to teeth and gums. A knocked out tooth may be brought with to the emergency dental appointment and be potentially saved. Antibiotics may treat dental infections and damaged braces, dentures or tooth restorations may be restored.

Emergency dental treatment during travel

Dental emergencies may happen during holidays or business travel too. Our 24 hour emergency contact is available for advice if needed. It is also a good idea to have a dental check-up before going on holiday.


Children’s Braces For Patients Near Hanwell

Children may be born with genetic orthodontic conditions or may develop misaligned teeth as they grow and their milk teeth are replaced by permanent ones. Starting early with dental check-ups from infancy is important to ensure healthy development of a child’s teeth and oral structures.

Early intervention of childhood orthodontic conditions helps to prevent and correct bite disorders. At Sparkle Dental Boutique near Hanwell we provide choices in interceptive braces so that each child receives the proper treatment for their particular teeth straightening needs.

The need for interceptive braces

Should treatment not be received, the child may be vulnerable to bite and jaw disorders. Untreated childhood orthodontic problems may later impact the ability to speak and eat, and detract from the beauty of a healthy smile.

When untreated orthodontic conditions remain present from childhood to adulthood, the individual’s self-image and confidence may be affected. Irregular bite or malocclusion may contribute to the person’s smile or facial expressions lacking symmetry.

All these problems associated with orthodontic conditions are preventable with interceptive braces during childhood. Nowadays, there is a selection of modern braces to choose from with elegant aesthetically-pleasing design, comfortable wear, and ease in cleaning.

Child orthodontic assessment

During a child oral assessment, our orthodontist will identify if misaligned teeth or improper bite conditions are present that require treatment with interceptive braces. Children generally experience their milk teeth being replaced by permanent teeth around age seven. As both childhood and adult teeth are present, the spaces between teeth may not be enough for developing teeth and dental crowding may occur.

Our orthodontists are trained experts in diagnosing and treating children suffering from orthodontic impediments. We listen carefully to parents or guardians and children, providing choices in treatment options. To learn more about childhood interceptive braces and our flexible payment plans, get in touch today with us today.