• Dental Awards 2009 - Best Team Support
  • Private Dentistry Awards 2007 - Best Practice Environment
  • The Smile Awards 2011 - Restorative Smile
  • The Smile Awards 2010 - Patient's Smile
  • The Smile Awards 2009 - Conservative Smile
Have a look at some of the awards we have won.

The Smile Awards 2011

Restorative Smile

Already a finalist in previous years under the category of Restorative Smile, Sunita Verma, Principal of Sparkle Dental Boutique, won best Restorative Smile 2011.

For this award Sunita needed to show her knowledge, skills and ability to achieve a life changing result, using a combination of porcelain veneers and a bridge to create the perfect smile.

Dr Sunita Verma says:

My patient’s main concerns were her unattractive smile due to the poor aesthetics of her current bridge and the gap between her upper two front teeth. Her ultimate wish was to have a broader, natural, even smile with no gaps, and she requested that her teeth be slightly longer. The success of this case was largely due to the consideration of the whole smile rather than just the primary problems, I was able to provide her with a beautiful smile using porcelain veneers and bridges and she was delighted with the results.

Below is the winning smile before and after treatment.

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